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Staff outsourcing

We can offer your hotel the necessary staff. In the Admand proposal we contemplate at least two positions (accountant and accounting assistant). Each of our collaborators has been trained in the field of knowledge and/or tools required to efficiently perform the required tasks.

Administrative areas

We manage all administrative roles, accounting, collections, payments, treasury, storage & acquisitions, payrolll and human resources. Our resposibility is to deliver:

  1. Timely financial reports
  2. Taxes
  3. Clients and suppliers management
  4. Sendout to banks for payroll
  5. Related expenses
  6. Interpretation and clarification of financial reports

Information systems

One of our prime objectives is the automatization of each hotel we take into operation.

The hotel is managed in Back Office through the exclusive use of the INNSIST information system, the tool of choice in terms of training, standarization, procedures, security, and anything else implied in an information system.

On the Front Office, we offer the flexibility to choose between the use of the Innsist software, as well as any other system or your preference.

The modules implemented according to hotel size are: :

  1. Accounting
  2. Accounts to acquire (Clients)
  3. Accounts to pay (Suppliers)
  4. Treasury (Banks)
  5. Storage and acquisitions
  6. Payroll

Information Hosting

Your data security is very important. For that matter, within our proposal we include the Hosting service.

The Hosting services are managed by Admand, but supported through specialized service providers. In our case, we have chosen Hostway Global Web Solutions, a Dallas, Tx. based provider, with replication and support in Monterrey, N. L. México

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