Quality trained staff

One of our first tasks is to have quality trained staff, to be able to provide from the very first moment, highly trained outsorcing team. Their areas of expertise include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Knowledge and follow-up of processes and procedures
  3. Information systems and data processing

In our corporate offices we have accountants and auditors, which supervise our staff and that of your enterprise, in order to reach the planned objectives, their tasks include:

  1. Assestment and review of procedures
  2. Process auditing
  3. Tax auditing
  4. Central information processing
  5. Accounting support for hotels

Processes & procedures

We have all the necessary procedures for the correct administration of hotel business and a wide experience in the field:

  1. Function and responsabilities for each position
  2. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  3. Local processes (hotel) and centralized processes (Admand)
  4. Standarization of processes, catalogs and financial reports
  5. Definition of evaluation parameters

Information systems

As for the technology being used, we have taken one of the best information systems, INNSIST Back Office, in it's most recent version 8, which allows web based operation, and centralized management of the information. This enables the elimination of servers, cabling and hardware & software maintenance from the hotel, as well as reducing IT staff and training.

You only need a PC and an internet connection (which we can provide) to have access to the system. For mores information, please visit

Information safekeeping

For the safekeeping of your information, we have stablished arrangements with Hosting providers that enable us to provide top-of-the-line services at an accessible price. Your information is stored in Dallas, Tx. From where only you will be able to access it using your own account and password. It does NOT get stored in our offices, but in specialized sites wich offer these services.

  • 99.99% per year availability of data and systems
  • high speed access to your data
  • Guaranteed security through multiple logical and physical schemes
  • 24-7 email and telephone support
  • High performance data storage
  • Daily backup of your data
  • Uninterrpted power supply
  • Infrastructure-wide preventive maintenance, 24-7
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