about us

Admand is a newly created enterprise, based on the experience of it's founders, from over 20 years in the field of Hospitality.

The Hotel industry has suffered several changes over the years, basically due to increasing competence and a more global industry scope. We have seen how administrative departaments get reduced, and get more cost efficient, however, that definitively cannot be said about the quality of management obtained.

To achieve an administration that is updated, correct, to the point, accountable, and highly informative, it's necessary to have three elements:

  1. The right amount of quality staff
  2. Processes supported on high standards
  3. Technology

That`s preciselly our specialty, to provide you with quality trained staff, simple and proven processes and procedures and cost-reducing technology. The adequate combination of these elements deliver a high degree of competence, at a very low cost.

Please allow us to show you our proposal...



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